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1. DNA genetic nutritional plans - scientifically individual

Unlock your true genetic potential!

Unique scientific nutritional and exercise programming previously only available to Olympic athletes. A small swab is taken directly from your mouth, which will be analysed by our laboratories to reveal your unique exercise and nutritional program based upon your DNA. This finally takes away the grey area from dieting and exercise – enabling you to train the right way to reach your true genetic potential and become a fat burning furnace.

Comes complete with three months supply of recipes and meal plans.

“The difference in my energy levels, sports performance and body composition has been amazing ... and you don’t have to think about recipes and cooking it’s all done for you“

2. Detox programs

3. Two week body transformation re-boots

4. The ́No Excuse’ Total Katie Experience

From everyday in house training to nutrition and cooking demos - WEIGHT LOSS GUARANTEED

5. Holiday Packages

A bespoke Health and Fitness Holiday Retreat individually designed for you.

6. Children activities

Keep your children engaged in fun activities over the holiday seasons.

Captain Mark Stevens, SY Aglia said…
Thank you for your services to me and my crew. We work on a very physical vessel and need to keep our fitness levels up whilst working on the yacht in boat yard periods. Most shipyards provide gyms and trainers for the crew and I thank you (Katie) for bringing Palma out of the dark ages and providing that facility here.