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How often will we train?

This is up to you, we can train most days if you want an intensive exercise package or anything down to twice a week, depending on my availability. The quicker you get in touch and reserve your sessions the better since I get booked up very quickly.

What results can I expect and when will I expect to achieve them?

This depends on many variables including how often we train and how dedicated you are. I can help you to stay motivated, mix things up and keeps things fun, many people need a scheduled appointment in order to ensure they workout on a regular basis. Together we will make attainable time constrained goals and monitor your progress.

On the metabolic balance program you can expect to lose a kilo a week if weight loss is your goal.

What will a personal training session consist of?

Each program is different depending on what your goals are, some people opt for a programme of resistance training consisting of a light warm up lasting around 10 minutes then we will do some resistance training lasting around 40 minutes and then a cool down period of stretching. Other programs may be functional training, circuit training or cross training, which involve keeping the heart rate elevated in order to burn optimum calories within our session this increased calorie burn remains elevated even after the session is finished.

Oliver Stockle, Chef said…
Katie’s sessions give me an opportunity to get fit, increase my core muscle strength and feel great about myself. They are good fun too. I look forward to every session