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Can I have a nutritional assessment without the personal training or vice versa?

Of course. I would advise the complete package, nutritional is essential for reaching your body composition goals and exercise should be a daily part of everyone’s routine- we need to move however this program is all about you and what ever you decide to do we will adapt the program to suit your needs.

How do I start?

The initial consultation is free- Begin by calling or e-mailing me to schedule an appointment. This is your first and most important step in taking some time to improve you. Well done you have decided to make a change! 

You can ask me any questions or queries you may have. This is an excellent opportunity to really get to know one another, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed and I can establish the foundation of your programme.

How does the metabolic balance program work?

Should you opt for the metabolic balance program we will begin again with body composition assessments discuss your goal weight and then send you for some blood test. Following this you will receive an eating guide with specific foods you are able to eat and weighted measurements. You will know exactly what to eat and precisely how much. All you need to do is follow the program.

"After many really frustrating attempts to lose weight, I turned to (MB) I´m really pleased I did!  I found it really straight forward to manage even with a hectic lifestyle that involves lots of travel.  It seemed to take a lot of stress out of shopping for food and preparing meals. 

I´m finding it really sustainable, and after losing nearly 10 kilos, even if I don´t follow the plan for a couple of days, as soon as I´m back on it, the results are immediate.  Most importantly, Katie´s support has been superb, she has really helped me keep focused and on track.  After a short time, I´m back in my summer clothes which I´ve not worn for a long time and it´s brought back the fun of buying new ones!" Claire Lloyd

"In 9 days I have lost 4 kilos and I feel fabulous. I thought it would be much more difficult than it actually was and in fact I am eating more now that I ever did! the first few days arent the most pleasant but definetely gets you into the zone and its all worth it. I have more energy than before and am able to stay awake longer and wake up earlier. My skin looks and feels healthier.

 Of course you start this to lose weight however the other benefits are just as important and the feeling of well being is second to none. I would certainly recommend the metabolic balance not only for the weight lose but for the higher energy levels and the feeling of well being.
Its not rocket science however like me if you need structure to get you motivated and to help you get started this is the one for you. " Moira Rooney

How does the nutrition consultation at home work?

We can schedule a meeting at your house and together in the comfort of your kitchen we can go through the easiest ways to stick to a nutrition plan, which foods will sabotage your efforts and what healthy culinary delights you will be able to create.

How is an individual program designed?

We will meet and discuss your lifestyle, if you are new to exercise or what your past exercise strategies have been, together we will design a specific programmed with time lines stating what attainable goals you would like to accomplish. I will then do a full body composition assessment and fitness assessment, which we will use as, a baseline from which to review your progress - you will be, surprised the improvements you are able to accomplish over time!

How much do I charge?

Prices vary depending on which package you chose.

I do group packages for yacht crews, businesses; you can organize a group training session with your friends. I also run daily activities which you may want to join, I do one on one personal training and nutrition, I do a metabolic package and I run a mobile service to your home, villa and yacht.
This is exactly why it’s best to make an appointment and come and have a chat. Together we can decide what will best suit you.

A Busy lifestyle can hold you back from making the most of your gym membership. Having a mobile personal trainer is becoming more popular with peoples hectic lifestyles. You can work in the comfort of your home, or any other place at a time that suits you. No space is too big or too small. No equipment is needed as VV Fitness brings everything to you.

How often will we train?

This is up to you, we can train most days if you want an intensive exercise package or anything down to twice a week, depending on my availability. The quicker you get in touch and reserve your sessions the better since I get booked up very quickly.

Metabolic Balance

Is a specialized eating plan based uniquely on your blood results? This blood analysis is all part of the package. This is a guaranteed weight loss plan and will have you looking and feeling amazing, functioning at optimum health levels and clearing up many previous health issues. I highly recommend it.

What does a nutritionist do?

I will go through your eating habits with you - exactly what to eat and when - and I can put together a full eating plan for you designed around what nutritional goals you would like to achieve and what your eating preferences are.

What does a personal trainer actually do?

As your personal trainer I will train you through your individual programmed, depending on variables like your condition, sports preferences, spare time etc. I will design you a specific program around your personal aims.

What does the initial assessment consist of?

We begin by going through all the options and packages available to you. This is followed by a body composition analysis, which tells us how much fat and muscle you have and body measurements from the chest down. We go through everything you are eating and drinking and then follow up with a exercise assessment so I am able to see the strengths and weakness’s in your body, From this I am able to design a program to meet both your goals and 
the levels of your current fitness.

What is a body composition analysis?

I have a portable machine that allows me to accurately measure data from your body including percentage of body fat (FM) and percentage of muscle mass (FFM) with a comprehensive print out which tells you how much body fat you will need to loose or gain in order to achieve your ideal body weight or composition. 
I am also able to work out how many calories you need to maintain your body weight (Basal Metabolic Rate), how many you need to consume in order to reduce your body weight or how many to increase it. 

Along with this I also conduct a series of measurements of your body from your chest down to your thigh.

What results can I expect and when will I expect to achieve them?

This depends on many variables including how often we train and how dedicated you are. I can help you to stay motivated, mix things up and keeps things fun, many people need a scheduled appointment in order to ensure they workout on a regular basis. Together we will make attainable time constrained goals and monitor your progress.

On the metabolic balance program you can expect to lose a kilo a week if weight loss is your goal.

What will a personal training session consist of?

Each program is different depending on what your goals are, some people opt for a programme of resistance training consisting of a light warm up lasting around 10 minutes then we will do some resistance training lasting around 40 minutes and then a cool down period of stretching. Other programs may be functional training, circuit training or cross training, which involve keeping the heart rate elevated in order to burn optimum calories within our session this increased calorie burn remains elevated even after the session is finished.

Captain Mark Stevens, SY Aglia said…
Thank you for your services to me and my crew. We work on a very physical vessel and need to keep our fitness levels up whilst working on the yacht in boat yard periods. Most shipyards provide gyms and trainers for the crew and I thank you (Katie) for bringing Palma out of the dark ages and providing that facility here.