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Begin by holding for 30 seconds and build up to as long as you can.

Get parallel to the wall and hold. Put your rear end against the wall and your strength level will determine how low you can go ( 90’ is the optimum) shins need to be parallel to the wall.


Do not push hands down on the thighs relax the arms.

Flatten lower back against the wall come down to 90’ if you can. Shoulders down, arms relaxed at the sides, head against the wall, make sure your knees are not going in or out, feet in line with the hips- 3 minutes, 5 minutes if you want to go for it. Great for knee problems as isometric exercises do not hurt your joints. Do not slide down the wall to stand up push off the wall to come back to standing. Helps to build up strength for other squats

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Captain Glen Macdonald Motor Yacht Vava said…
Katie pushes you through a range of exercises and mentors you through a healthy diet, keeping you accountable. I have lost weight, improved my fitness levels substantially and I am really enjoying the exercise