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The new principles of today


1. High fat diet

Saturated fat is good- it promotes efficient fat burning, metabolism, weight control, satiety and promotes stable energy levels

Butter from grass fed cow’s, animal products from good sources including bacon (yum),  marbled beef, and coconut products

2.Lots of vegetables and a wide spectrum with a little less fruit, eat seasonally

3.Fresh live good quality produce. Organic where possible

4.Eat only when hungry, intermittent fasting, controlling insulin and glucose levels are the key to long-term weight management and fat loss.

5.Exercise- quality not quantity

6.Grains make you fat and promote inflammation

7. Eggs are a super food – but they must be free range, eggs get a bad rap from factory farming

8. People begin to care more about food origins and sources,  supporting locally grown products. Growing cottage industry of local products, farmers markets, organic produce.

9.We get enough fibre from eating lots of vegetables and MCT and saturated fats also alleviate constipation.

10. Eat for improved health and gain more energy, live long and strong and then go out like a light!


The old principles that did not work


1. Low fat- fat free

Saturated fats give you a heart attack. Out with Margarine and vegetable oils

2.5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day- people living on potato’s and bananas

3.Packet foods, convenience dinners, GM crops

4.Eat three big meals a day or six small meals a day. Snack. (Always thinking about food, cravings, lower energy levels and slower metabolism)

5.More exercise is better

6.Base of the Government recommended food pyramid- grains, breads and potatoes

7. Minimize eggs due to bad cholesterol

8. Factory farming, pre packaged foods and vegetables. Cheap meats.

9. Extra fiber added in products, emphasis on wholegrain – which we now know block absorption of nutrients.

10. Aging population overweight, de-habilitating diseases, life expectancy extended through medication. Living- but in ill health.

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Christine Siegel said…
Boot camp and circuit training have been a real workout for getting the blood pumping and metabolism working once again for me. After many years of not being able to do simple everyday things such as running, squats and lifting, it has given me a great boost to believe I can get there again, even if at a slower pace than the rest of the pack! I’m not made to feel out of place for not being as fit as the others.