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If you are trying to boost your sports perform during endurance (around 60-70% intensity) look no further than pure MCT oil. I know I keep banging on about MCT oil but it really is taking the world by storm and if you have not heard about it yet- where have you been?

Instead of filling up bike bottles with Gatorade and other disgusting manufactured supposed sports drinks some tour de France riders are maxing themselves up with water bottles full of MCT oil. You have to be a little careful with its use and slowly build up your levels as it can have quite an impact on your bowels- the last thing you need when your in the middle of a race.

MCT is not only great for athletic performance but it’s boost in energy can also boost your libido – this combined with the fat burning effect of being able to go for longer periods without eating but having tons of energy will have you in and out of the bedroom regularly. Other benefits are increased satiety allowing you to go for longer periods without food and increased mental acuity.

Its quite pricey but with a few tablespoons a day and you can immediately notice the benefits.


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