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Super ripped. You need to understand that muscles store decent amounts of fat that they rely upon for energy in fat droplets, due to physical roximity of fat to muscle it relies on it for energy but because it is composed of fat one way to store fat without making cells too fatty is to increase the number of muscle cells. IN state of resistance training the body will create extra stores to store fat.- create new muscle cells. Another thing to understand is you can maintain a high stored glycogen level in muscles and liver (stored carbohydrate- fuel) because your body takes triglycerides (MCT, fats in diet) breaks them down into free fatty acids called Ketones that your body uses for energy. When this happens you are l;eft with fatty acids and glycerol which is broken down into glucose, converted to glycogen, glucose gets shoved into muscles stored as glycogen,m even people with low carb intake have up to 70% glyvogen stores of people eating high carb diet so you don t have to worry about having enough energy for your workouts – MYTH that you won t have energy for exercising on low carb diet.

Also crucial anabolic in muscle building compouds like Vit D, insuklin growth factoe, Vit D, all are present in high fat foods- butter, cold water fish, olive oil, meat etc etc. so people who avoid these foods have depleted hormone levels and high potentioal for protein toxicity, - body builders would avoid these fatty foods thinking it ioncreases your body fat- not so. High protein diets in the absence of fat increases ammonia toxicity and pressure on your liver

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Adam, First Officer, Lady Beatrice said…
Boot camp is fabulous. At the end of the session I feel energised and ready to tackle the week. I have seen a real improvement in my fitness and strength. I would recommend it to anyone no matter what your level of fitness. You can push yourself as much or as little as you like. The more you put in the more you get out.