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There are many ways to fast, essentially it involves leaving large gaps between eating so as to burn off your body fat.

Yes we know all the theories about when you don’t eat your metabolism slows down – and body goes into starvation mode, however through a strategic fasting plan all you are doing is mimicking the old hunter gather routine. We were not designed to be surrounded by food 24-7 , we went through long periods of time where we did not eat- we were looking for something to hunt or gather. This period of not eating meant we burnt body fat and kept lean and strong, then we would resume an eating pattern- after finding foods and so the cycle would continue.

The pattern of recent years where technology has allowed us to get lazy and food is at our fingertips means we never go hungry. We were also told to eat a little and often BUT the problem is insulin.

Each time we eat the body responds by releasing different hormones.

Foods high in carbohydrates for example turn to glucose in the body, the body does not naturally like to have high levels of glucose circulating so it releases insulin.

 Insulin helps the body to store glucose in muscle tissue for movement and energy and the remainder is stored as fat. Insulin is the gateway. High levels of insulin lead to fat storage and low levels of insulin enable fat burning.

Eating lots of carbohydrate  as bread or grains or sugary foods or even eating or picking constantly - leads naturally to producing insulin on a constant basis therefore increasing body fat stores. Over time the cells will stop responding to insulin just as a partner being constantly nagged at will switch off- so do the cells. In the end blood glucose levels in the body become dangerously high, insulin is out of control and we are fat and increasing our waistlines having lost the ability to turn glucose into energy and burn fat stores. Result- type II diabetes (this is just the beginning)- no wonder we have over 250 million people worldwide with type II diabetes.

Controlling what you eat and when could be crucial to your health, aid so many diseases world wide (including cancer) and also be very good for your brain!


 Be very careful beginning a fast on your own and do not begin if you are diabetic, pregnant or a child- take advice and make sure you know what you are doing.

I would advise to start by allowing 5 hours between meals and try  to eat slower at meal times, enjoy your foods and eat a little less. Leave plenty of time between dinner and breakfast, get a good nights sleep and listen to your body. Do not pick between meals. Do not eat lots of carbohydrates (in the form of grains) and sugar. And exercise- walk more, to encourage fat burning.

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Captain Glen Macdonald Motor Yacht Vava said…
Katie pushes you through a range of exercises and mentors you through a healthy diet, keeping you accountable. I have lost weight, improved my fitness levels substantially and I am really enjoying the exercise