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So is it the alcohol or is it all the extra calories you consume with the alcohol? The salted peanuts and crisps or the bread that arrives before the meal which becomes all the more tempting on an empty stomach when you have already started drinking your wine. And then the the heck approach that alcohol seems to have as the relaxing effects of it kick in and allow you to let your guard down. Once you start picking you can t find the willpower to stop? There is a reason why restaurants serve you an aperitif before you order your meal – alcohol stimulates your appetite so the chances are you are either going to order more drinks or more food. Nuts or crisps with drinks- the salt makes you thirstier so you order more drinks which make you hungrier so you eat more nuts and crisps and so on and on!

Or could it be the next day when those few glasses of wine either got you up in the night to visit the bathroom or just left you feeling tired in the morning so you missed that morning workout. Or interfering with your hormone levels during sleep and left you waking to low blood glucose levels so had you reaching for the chocolate, biscuits or chips at lunchtime?

Lets take a look at alcohol first – what is it broken down to in the body?  Fat and acetate, the fat is stored in the body (as excess body fat) and the acetate is used as the primary energy source. This means your body will use the alcohol- or acetate as fuel rather than burning carbohydrate, protein or fat. Secondly alcohol is an appetite stimulant (as discussed above)

In truth the alcohol itself is not making you fat but you have to account for the excess calories as part of your diet.

A glass of red wine helps to lower cholesterol levels, contains antioxidants – the restveratol- which can help to protect your heart and your brain, the darker the red the richer in antioxidants apparently, can help to kill cancerous cells, protect your teeth enamel from decay and helps to maintain a good blood lipid profile. But hey listen that’s one glass of wine not one bottle! Drink in moderation.


1 glass of wine = around 110 calories, the same as a shot of tequila.

1 Beer = around 200 calories

Alcohol contains around 7 calories per gram, making it almost twice as calorie dense as carbohydrate or protein (4 grams)

One extra glass of wine per night with dinner = 770 calories extra per week

Two glasses of wine per night with dinner = 1540 calories per week – that’s almost an extra daily calorie intake- that explains the extra tyre around the waist- and that’s not even including that night where you drank more and ate all those nuts and crisps before dinner even started and then you over ate and then – the next day !!!!!

The mixers, alone which can equate to 200 calories or more. (Tonics etc)


Stick to wines especially red, or next best tequila, cava and champagne, instead of grain based alcohols (beer and whiskey)

Add ice or soda water.

Drink slower

Drink lots of water in between

Drink a pint of water after drinking alcohol before going to bed at night- it always works- when you rememeber to do it! 

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