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When you look into the study from a press release –like crisps or read meat makes you more sleepy when a bowl of pasta perks you up. (fatty junk foods not high in omega 3 fatty acids not things high in MCT) they used carb rich foods that increase brain fog.

Feedback from this report say the opposite.

Foods high in fatty acids don t get as much brain fog that you get from carb rich wheat soy and dairy deritivies, fructose issues and some of the carbs are replace by amino acids which enhance adrenaline and dopamine.

Lots of the studies are miss reported and youi don t get all the information – but the press loves to grab onto all the wrong information – red meat giving people cancer.

If you are doing low carb should you be eating higher protein or higher fat.

Real sig. weight loss low carb high fat diet. – Ketogenic diet.

Long term effects of low fat diets- high in  protein ( usual process) – Atkins diet, they looked at comparison of low/high in protein , no diff in weight, fat mass, blood cholesterol, to c reactive protein, blood pressure, glucose. High protein was non beneficial.

These are for sedentary people not athletes. When you are active you do need a bit more protein.


Low carb – hungry all the time and protein lends to satiety. Not needing to eat as soon after. High fat fills this void. We are looking for more metabolic efficiency, high protein can spike in blood glucose levels and putting yourself into glucose utalising state which you want tot train your body not to be in.

Higher fat diet appetite cravings go away.


One population that should be very careful with this is pregnant mothers , a ketogenic diet during pregnancy can result in serious issues in a new born baby. 

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