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Arganine contained in leafy greens, beets, watermelons, shellfish etc is an essential amino acid and  is beneficial for blood vessels- allowing blood vessels to enlarge ( active ingredient in Viagra!)

Arganine also has a ton of other benefits like lowering risk of blood clotting, helping diabetes, improving wound healing, reducing body fat and gastro intestinal problems, improving bone density, white adipose tissue – which inhibits  fat storage (where we don’t want it)- these studies were done in obese individuals but increased Arganine presence in trained individuals has been linked to improved oxygen consumption, improved lactic acid utalisation, improved uptake of glycogen to the muscles post workout. In other words an increase in exercise performance and speedy recovery.

How to increase Arganine in the body? Dark chocolate and dark chocolate powder, seeds and nuts, buckwheat if you eat grains,dark leafy greens, shellfish, watermelons and beets. However  it is crucial to understand that as always these vitamins and minerals work synergistically and in order to absorb and convert Arganine in the body you need sufficient levels of Folate.  Foods with high sources of folate include – also dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, squash, fish and shellfish and eggs.

Try poached eggs on spinach with mixed fresh herbs or shrimp and squash coconut curry. 

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Captain Glen Macdonald Motor Yacht Vava said…
Katie pushes you through a range of exercises and mentors you through a healthy diet, keeping you accountable. I have lost weight, improved my fitness levels substantially and I am really enjoying the exercise